12. nov, 2021

11/11 Idealist Day

I shared this on an fb site today- Idealists of the World. It's a greeting to all my idealist friends. Will share it here too, to other friends and followers. 

"Here comes a greeting from me with some wise words from author Anita Moorjani: «I allow spirit to flow through me.»

I have repeated that sentence every day for some time now, and my experience is that as soon as I started to do so my energy level changed. I definitely feel stronger.

My intention before this change was everyday to strive to keep my spirit high. That was hard work. Now all I do is allowing… It’s a huge difference.

I have used a lot of energy on closing doors to the past. Now I
I realize that instead of continuing to close old doors I can OPEN new doors.

I have asked for freedom ‘from’ this and that, but I should have focused on freedom ‘for’. I am sure you have done the same.

It’s sooo easy to focus on evil and resist it until we go empty. Why not focus on all the love that exists in the Universe? It will empower us, and creative solutions for change will more easily find it’s way through.

We focus on lack rather than focusing on all that we have. We resist poverty, but should focus on abundance.

Our thoughts create. And we can change how we think. Let’s allow spirit to flow through.

Love, Barbro" ❤️