7. mai, 2020

A memory from 2017, worth reading now 💕

‪I read this tonight: All growth starts outside our comfort zone.
And you know, I totally disagree!
Because the day I returned back to my comfort zone, that was the moment I really started to grow. That was when I finally understood that what I had was enough. More than enough. First then I understood what it is to live in the Now, in the full acceptance of being all the things that I thought were outside of me, in another place, unreachable for me unless I went there to catch it.
The way we speak about the comfort zone is oldfashioned and masculine, like there is a lack. We have twisted the word around. All that you ever want is out there, and you must leave to get it.
Instead of telling people to leave their comfort zone, we should tell them to go home to their comfort zone. That is when the real process starts. There you are taught to see that it is no need to stress, no need to stretch your limits, no need to play a hundred roles, or learn to master your life.
Give yourself three seconds to taste the word comfort zone. It tastes good! That is why we should redefine the word and give it it's rightfully meaning back.
The comfort zone is a good place, a place for inspiration and creativity, a place for growth. The place where it is possible to hear the Sound in the Silence speaking to you. There you have peace and calm, there you can be your true Self, and relax without worry. There is no lack in that place, and all is well. Right there you are One with All that is.
And if you think you are leaving your comfort zone, think again, it's following you wherever you go. It surrounds you always. The comfort zone is who you are, the Now, and All that is.
So, go home and stay there. And please allow yourself to enjoy your comfort zone. It's rightfully yours to enjoy!

Love from Barbro ❤️