2. nov, 2019


Sometimes it is great to read what you wrote some  years back in time, just to see the changes that your personal process has brought through.I wrote this in 2014.  Eventhough I have grown, I still have the same tendency as back then. That’s why this fb memory suddenly appeared today. A good reminder. Thanks. ❤️

We have been through a shift, and whether we notice it or not, we are changing as a consequence of this shift.

I have been brought up to modesty, to always put myself aside, to find my place as last in the line. To always choose the smallest apple. Nobody ever told me you deserve the best and nothing but the best! This has influenced me all my life, and if I wanted something, I almost felt like greedy. To a degree that when I prayed the good Lord for something, I always chosed the modest alternative. I felt I could not ask for too much.. To give you an example, my African friend always pray God to cure her body 100 %. My prayers were more like this; please, God, cure my arm, so I can work without pain, but I won't even ask for the knee....

Now, during the last weeks, I have had a growing feeling of liberty to ask for ful package, for no less but hundred percent. I ask myself where did the modesty go? I strongly believe it belongs to the past, as a part of the feeling of separation back there in duality. This confirms to me that big changes has manifested on several levels. The feeling of worth is upgraded. Being one with the Source has become a natural condition. There is nothing in that Source I do not deserve. I deserve it all! The only thing that hinders me from getting it all, is the feeling of separation, of not deserving, not being worthy enough...

It makes me so happy to feel this freedom, and I welcome more and more of this new and liberating energies into my heart and daily life.