26. okt, 2018



  • Does life begin at the end of our comfort zone? Nooooo. The word comfortzone must be this time’s most stigmatized word. I say hurry back to your comfortzone! Who doesn’t want to be there? You have been sooo misleaded! 
  • The comfortzone is where you feel safe, peaceful, comfortable and content. Just listen to the sound of the word. Feel the energy! What does it tell you? The vibrations are just so loving and pleasant! Listen now, I have news for you! The comfortzone is not the place you choose to stay because you are a coward, lazy or stagnated. 
  • The comfortzone is where life truly begins! Where things can be different! Where new doors open! Where real friendship is to be found. Where inspiration comes easily and abundantly. Where you can breathe freely and listen to the Voice in the Silence. Where all you ever need is! 
  • Where you understand that running around to realize yourself and your dreams never will make you happy. It’s the space where you can find Peace within. Where life starts to flow! Where you realize that you are the architect of your life because what you reflect to the world around you is what is reflected back to you. 
  • It’s the place where you don’t have to strive to attract good things to happen, but the place where good things happen because you are thriving and feeling joy being you! It’s the place where you create miracles and mastery all the time. 
  • So, stop chasing whatever you believe you lack and get yourself back to your comfortzone! It’s the only place where you can find happiness. And it’s the only place where you can find the peace and calm needed to work with your lifelessons. And last but not least: It’s the place where you realize you are never alone. ❤️