27. aug, 2018


 I am sitting by my kitchen table reflecting over the difference between an activist and an idealist. Is there any difference? Both work for positive changes. I have the feeling though that activists carry quite a lot of anger, and they are always fighting. Fighting for change for the better, and they really do deserve respect. They get a lot of things done, and they slowly move the world. Again respect. 

An idealist also works for change, for moving the world towards peace and harmony, but with less anger and fighting. 

This is worth a thought, because I do believe that what we resist, persists. It’s important to bear in mind that instead of fighting and resisting, we can cooperate with the universe to create peace and harmony. I think we will move the world faster to a change for the better that way, and it won’t be so tiring and exhausting. Anger takes a lot of energy from us that we should use for our many different missions instead of the fighting. Fighting takes us down, cooperation is uplifting. Sometimes I both fight and cooperate at the same time, because I am not enough conscious and I really do want change soooo much, but then I notice that the flow stops, and again I have to choose; fighting what I don’t want or cooperation with the universe? I choose deliberately cooperation, and the flow is back every time! Anger and fighting is a mega break! Cooperation is the greatest tool we have, and it’s the nature’s ever best aid. 

Even the trees know this truth, and this is also how the big trees protect the small trees from dying during a draught. They supply the small trees with water through their root system and through a fungus network. What a universe we live in! We have the same ability the minute we get aware of it. 

I hope this will speak to you as it spoke to me. Namaste. ❤️