19. okt, 2016


Fant noe jeg skrev for en tid tilbake på en facebook side jeg har. Viktig å se dette poenget, derfor legger jeg det ut her. Det kan være greit å ha noe med  engelsk tekst også.

"Sometimes  you need to go down to zero to be able to start over again. Just like a computer that needs to be restarted. You shut it off to restart it, after letting it rest for some minutes. 
The body needs a little longer time. It takes time to cut every thread to disconnect from the old stuff. Sometimes it is quickly done, sometimes weeks are needed. It is a kind of energy amputation, and you must be patient. What's left when this job is done, is just a bare foundation and some afterpain. Here, at this point, you can start to build the walls. From here the new life can start to grow." 💗