7. apr, 2016


Fant noe idag som jeg skrev for tre år siden, på engelsk. Det berørte meg faktisk sterkt å lese det, så jeg gjengir det her, som jeg skrev det den gangen, for det har et veldig viktig poeng. Les og ta det til deg om du kan!

The last years have been a challenge. Especially the last one, but I survived. I decided once and for all to always look at the bright side of life. Despite this, some days were hard work, and some days I fought against the feeling of nightmare.

Now I am through all this, and when I look back, I can watch it all in a neutral way. The feeling of nightmare is gone. And I see how important it was that I listened to my intuition and not to some advices I got during the process, even though they were given by what I believed was a trustworthy friend. The one advice I remember mostly, is this one: If you don't leave now, nothing will ever change! You have to move!

My intuition told me, don't go, wait! So I did not leave, and short time after this everything broke down of what was my reality and identity at that time. The only thing that did not break down was what I was adviced to leave. This platform is the only thing that is left of what was, that is still solid, and I know it always will be. The adviced and 'wise' reasons for leaving have ALL cracked down, each and one of them. There is nothing left.

I sometimes think by myself what if I had followed the advice and left the most valuable thing I have... That was a real lesson, and it has taught me how important the gift of intuition is.

Never ever go across your inner sense of knowing what to do, or not to do! Your intuition is the sense through which you are given divine guidance. Always listen to it, and trust it.